Wakil Rektor Bidang Akademik dan Pengembangan Lembaga IAIN Palu Dr Abidin Djafar dan Kabag Akademik, H Abd Wahab

Palu, 5/4 - The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi requires a low tuition fee for new students, as a form of social care for the community after the earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction disaster that hit Palu, Sigi, Donggala and Parigi Moutong.

"Yes, SPP to new students still uses the previous year's standard," said Deputy Rector for Academic and Development of IAIN Palu Institute, Dr Abidin Djafar, Friday.

Abidin Djafar said, new tuition fees or single tuition fees (UKT) for the 2019 Academic Year varied. He explained, UKT or SPP, starting from Rp.400,000, Rp.600,000, Rp.1,200,000, and Rp.2,200,000 every semester.

The UKT or SPP is much lower than the cost of UKT / SPP in other universities in Central Sulawesi. That way, he said, the younger generation in Central Sulawesi could continue to study at IAIN Palu, after the disaster.

The young generation can gain knowledge in four faculties, namely, Faculty of Islamic Education and Da'wah, Faculty of Sharia, Tarbiyah Faculty and Teacher Training and the Faculty of Economics and Business in Islam.

"In these four faculties, prospective students can choose religious and general study programs of interest," he said.

IAIN Palu has several general study programs, such as Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics, English Language and Early Childhood Education. In addition, IAIN also has a sharia banking study program, and family law.

Meanwhile, Head of Academic Section of IAIN Palu, H Abd Wahab stated, in 2019 the new student admission quota numbered is 2,500.

The quota was opened through three registration channels including, the National Academic Achievement Selection (SPAN) registration path with a quota of 1,008. Registration once SPAN has been closed, the number of applicants reaches 2,128 people for PTKIN I and II.

Furthermore, registration through the UM-PTKIN line with a quota of 1,050 people. UM-PTKIN line registration is open from April 2 to 30, 2019, the process of accepting new student registrations is ongoing.

Then, independent track registration with a quota of 500 people, the admission and registration process starts on January 23 - June 20, 2019.

Related to that, Deputy Chancellor for General Administration, Finance and Planning IAIN Palu, Dr. Kamaruddin stated that the socialization regarding new student admissions was intensively carried out in 12 districts and 1 city in Central Sulawesi.

However, he said, the socialization team needed to consider the distance factor. Where there are several districts in Central Sulawesi that are close to cities in other provinces, rather than to Palu.

"Like Morowali Regency, it is closer to Kendari City in Southeast Sulawesi than to Palu. Well, this also certainly has an influence. Because we need to convince the community," Kamaruddin said.