IAIN Collaborating with the Donggala-Palu Penitentiary Develops The Prisoners' Morale

The State Islamic Institute of Religion (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, cooperates with Penitentiary Class II A Palu and Class II B Donggala to foster prisoners' morale.

"This collaboration is a form of community service for IAIN Palu in carrying out its function as a state Islamic religious tertiary institution in accordance with the tri darma of tertiary institutions," said IAIN Palu Rector, Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi M.Pd, in Palu, Tuesday.

Previously, IAIN Palu conducted religious counseling to 260 Class II Donggala inmates in the Class II A prison in Palu for two weeks.

The climax of the counseling was held on the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday in 2019, in Class II Lap Penitentiary, Palu, on Tuesday (11/26) followed by prisoners in Palu and Donggala prison.

Said Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi, mentoring spiritual inmates, is a form of activity that is the focus of IAIN Palu in serving the community.

"This dedication is important to do, and coaching to the community must continue to be done and improved, in order to shape the community's mental and spiritual mentality," he said.

The Professor of Education Management said that every human being never escapes examinations and trials, because of that there are two keywords, namely patience and prayer.

"By being patient and praying to God, God willing, there will be wisdom that we can get later," he said.

In front of the prisoners, Prof. Sagaf said that life is inseparable from God's scenario, meaning that there is a predetermined path and there is wisdom in each of those scenarios.

"We will all get great wisdom, if passed patiently and pray a lot to God," he said.

In Islam, he said, we must believe that all the activities we carry out that ultimately end in khusnul khatimah, or end in a good afterlife or a virtue.

"We all hope so, so do not despair and do not see that this is a torture. But see that this is a journey of life that is inseparable from God's destiny, so that we can all take wisdom from our actions," he said.