19th AICIS Discusses Islamic Dynamics in the Digital Age

Wednesday (02/10/2019) Jakarta - Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Rudiantara officially opened the 19th Annual International Conference on Islamic Stuides (AICIS) in 2019 at the Ball Room of the Mercury Hotel on October 1, 2019 last night. The annual conference activity of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion raised the theme "Digital Islam, Education and Youth: Changing Landscape of Indonesian Islam" which was attended by 1,700 Muslim scholars from PTKI throughout Indonesia and also various countries. AICIS takes place from 01 to 4 October 2019.

The Minister of Communication and Information in his remarks conveyed the current situation of human life that really needs cellphones.

"Now times have changed. All matters of our lives are already on the cellphone, "said the Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara.

In the midst of rapid changing times, continued Rudiantara, Islamic education was forced into a new paradigm. "Current teaching, of course, can not textbook anymore. The current generation must be encouraged creatively and always ask why it should be like this and why not, ”he said.

According to Rudiantara, Islamic education can take a strategic role as immunization of the young generation from hoaxes, slander and namimah. Its large population is very potential to take on that role.

The Director General of Islamic Education of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, Kamaruddin Amin in his remarks conveyed the current condition of Indonesian Islamic Education.

"Islamic education is a large ecosystem. At present there are nearly one thousand Islamic tertiary institutions, 72 thousand elementary-secondary education, 30 thousand pesantren, and 7 million madrasa takmiliyah. From the institute there are 10 million students, 4 million santri, 1 million teachers, 32 thousand lecturers, 500 professors and 6000 doctors. "The total stakeholders of Islamic education is 28 million" said Kamaruddin.


"If this large resource is well managed and directed to contribute positively, the results will be extraordinary," he concluded.

The themes discussed include Religion and Philosophy in the Post-truth Age, Response to the Era of Disruption, Making and Consuming Islam Online: The Reconfiguration of a Discursive Tradition, and Islam in the Digital Age Islamic Philoshopy for Millennials with 450 papers of 1300 selected.

Keynote speakers in this conference, besides the Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, there are Peter Mandeville (George Mason University, Virginia USA), Garry R. Bunt (University of Wales), and Abdul Majid Hakemollahi (ICAS London)

While the Chancellor of Padangsidimpuan State Islamic Institute Prof. Dr. Ibrahim siregar, the MCL who attended the 19th AICIS Open Ceremony advised Muslim students and youth in this digital age to think broadly and still maintain their identity.

"Thinking broader and looking far ahead. Starting from the small, will gradually reach the big goals. Milestone must be clear. Thus we can do step by step to unravel complexity by simplifying it (simplifying a complexity) ". Message from the IAIN Padangsidimpuan Rector to Youth in this digital era.

"As a young man and student who will be the leader of the future, we may master various sciences and have modern skills in the digital age, but we must still maintain our identity, Act locally and think globally."