Opportunities for IAIN Palu becoming UIN are wide open, the effect of the national capital movement

The State Islamic Institute of Palu, Central Sulawesi, has a great opportunity to become a State Islamic University (UIN), the impact of President Jokowi's policy to move the national capital from Jakarta to Kalimantan.

"Of course, because one of the sectors that is directly affected by the relocation of the capital city is the human development sector. Well, this is where the importance of developing tertiary education is carried out, so that universities have a wider and maximum role in boosting the rate of economic growth," said Deputy Rector Planning, Finance and General Administration of IAIN Palu, Dr. Kamaruddin, in Palu, Wednesday.

Currently, a study is being conducted on the opening of the Sulawesi Canal, as a vein of economic growth for Eastern Indonesia. The study of the Sulawesi Canal, carried out as President Jokowi has determined Kalimantan as the future National Capital. This study that connects Eastern Indonesia and Kalimantan, places Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi as the main island and province supporting logistics and industry.

"Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi are the islands and provinces that benefit the most while at the same time having a very high risk of double effects from the movement of the national capital," Kamaruddin said.

From there, IAIN Palu has a great opportunity and becomes a component that greatly benefits from the movement of the national capital which has an effect on opening the Sulawesi Canal channel. That opportunity is, the hope to become the Central Islamic State University (UIN) of Central Sulawesi, in Palu, is wide open.

The step of the Central Government in Jakarta, to make IAIN Palu into UIN is a must. As demands from the policy of moving the State Capital. The government is well aware that the double effects of Sulawesi Canal economic growth. It will be difficult to achieve without the readiness of human resources.

In addition, economic growth must be in line with the growth of the national human development index (HDI).

One strategy to accelerate human development in the Sulawesi Canal Region is, the development of tertiary institutions. Opportunities for IAIN Palu to become UIN, are also caused by the Ministry of Religion having revoked the moratorium on the transformation of IAIN into UIN, and STAIN to IAIN which is applied to all PTKIN in Indonesia. The Ministry of Religion, through the Directorate of Islamic Education, is planning to transform the state Islamic religious higher education institution (PTKIN) or transfer the status from the state Islamic institute of religion (IAIN) to the State Islamic University (UIN) in 2019.