Research Institute and Community Service


Realizing LP2M as a "research center" and able to solve societal problems through academic-professional community service to the creation of Muslim humans who morality karimah and affects sebatahmatan lil al 'alamin.


  1. To be the research center, science development, and scientific information that upholds human values and produces various types of quality research.
  2. To maintain research personnel and community service personnel through training researchers and training professional community service personnel.
  3. To embody healthy academic cultural circumstances through research and community service among lecturers of IAIN Palu.
  4. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate research conducted by lecturers of IAIN Palu.
  5. To increase the quality and quantity of research cooperation and community service at the district, provincial and national levels.
  6. To improve the quality of institutions as partners of government and community in research and community service.

Aim :

  1. To develop research capabilities for lecturers at beginner and mid-level through training, workshops and seminars.
  2. To organize and coordinate research activities and community service to the academic community.
  3. To improve the ability to become a research center and to publish the results of the research in research journal that can be used for institutional development, reformulating scientific theories and methodologies.
  4. To increase the relevance and evaluation of research and community service that supports the National and Regional Development.


Prof. Dr. H.  M. Asyari, M.Ag.

Drs. Muhammad Nur Korompot, M.Pd.

Head of Center for Research and Publishing
Dr. Fatimah Saguni, M.Si.

Head of Community Service Center
Drs. Ismail, M.Pd.I.

Head of Center for Gender and Children Studies
Dr. Rustina, S.Ag., M.Pd.

Head of Administration
Fatharany, S.Sos.I., M.M.

Rasyid Ridha Masulili, M.Pd.I.

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