Palu - Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Central Sulawesi province (Kanwil Kemenag Sulteng) cooperates with the State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN Palu) in the field of Islamic education and education development. Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Central Sulawesi province, H. Abdullah Latopada, in Palu, said that the cooperation is done because religious human resources are located in IAIN Palu is needed in madrasahs, and Human Resources Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) scattered throughout the region Central Sulawesi.

According to him, the agreement will be followed up. Abdullah also gave input to the academic community of IAIN Palu related to various problems in the society in the world of education, among them is the existence of some religious teachers who cannot study, so cannot maximal in teaching. In addition, there is still the occurrence of students beat teachers and student demos.

"It is expected to be the attention and study of IAIN Palu in building the world of education, especially in producing quality teachers of religion so as to produce students who have good praise," he said. According to him, forming and educating children is a common task, in Islam Prophet Muhammad SAW teaches that `Teach and educate your child according to his time, so this teaching needs to be examined its application in methodology and education system that can change the character and personality of teachers and students.

Kakanwil said that because it is a joint task, IAIN Palu is expected, as an academic assisting the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Central Sulawesi, as educational practitioners and da'wah who have many madrash, KUA and extension workers scattered in districts/cities to work together to produce good education and concept of da'wah for the betterment of education and society.

Abdullah expects that IAIN Palu together to transform human character by humanizing humans, returning to the teachings of Islam by respecting others, seeing one not from religion, ethnicity, profession and others, but appreciating them as human creations of Allah SWT. He stressed that building the character of the nation is our common task, so IAIN is able to issue alumni of Islamic character, morality and economic power.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding was implemented during the working meeting of IAIN Palu 2018, with the theme "The Synchronization of Work Program for Quality Improvement and Competitiveness", held in one hotel in Palu City, 22-24 February 2018.