Palu, 7/2 - The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi, began to intensify the socialization of new student admissions in 2019 for the National Academic Achievement Selection (SPAN) path, Thursday 7/2.

The inaugural socialization was carried out at the state Islamic university, involving 40 high school and Madrasyah Aliyah schools or 80 participants from Palu City, Donggala Regency, Sigi Regency and Parigi Moutong (PADAGIMO).

"The involvement of all parties, including the school, will accelerate the development of this university in Central Sulawesi," said Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs IAIN Palu, Dr Abidin Djafar, Thursday.

Dr. Abidin Djafar who directly supervises SPAN, UM-PTKIN for IAIN Palu, representing the Rector, Prof. Dr. Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd delivered his speech and opened the socialization activity.

SPAN is one of the new student acceptance instruments or paths in 2019, in addition to the other two pathways, namely UM-PTKIN and local at IAIN Palu.

In his speech he stated, the components of IAIN Palu academic community under the leadership of Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi were trying to shift the status of the college, from IAIN Palu to the State Islamic University (UIN) of Palu.

"We got a signal from the Ministry of Religion, that Palu IAIN could switch status to UIN after the earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction disaster," said Dr. Abidin MAg.

He stated, one of the conditions for the transition of status from IAIN Palu to UIN was to increase the number of new students.

Therefore, he said, the role of the school to include its alumni at IAIN Palu was very important and meaningful for the largest state Islamic university in Central Sulawesi.

He added, the progress and development of PTKIN, IAIN Palu would be the pride of all components of society in Central Sulawesi.

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the SPAN, UM-PTKIN and Mandiri Committee, Dr. Askar Ahmad explained, the same information had been carried out in the previous year.

At present, he explained, IAIN Palu managed to get 3,000 registrants through the entire acceptance pathway that was enacted.

In 2019, said Askar, Palu's IAIN targeted 2,500 new students who passed the three-track selection.

This figure increases, if compared with student admissions in 2018 which reaches approximately 1,700 people.

"Well, this socialization is not only to introduce the SPAN pathway acceptance system, it is also to build friendship and intimacy," Askar said.

He further explained that, one of the conditions that must be considered by schools is to register their alumni, namely school accreditation.

"Before registering students, schools must register first on the SPAN path. Registration is included with school accreditation as one of the conditions," he said. *