IAIN Palu Cooperates with Islamic Universities from 5 Countries.

Rektor IAIN Palu, Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S. Pettalongi, M.Pd., dan pimpinan universitas Islam dalam dan luar negeri melaksanakan penandatanganan MoU, Bengkulu, Kamis (28/3).

Bengkulu – Event of the 10th AIUA Meeting (Asian Islamic University Association) held in the City of Bengkulu, managed to gather dozens of Islamic campuses from various countries, including IAIN Palu. IAIN Palu Rector, Prof. Dr. Sagaf S. Pettalongi, M.Pd., along with the leaders and delegates of Islamic campuses from various countries participated in the activities held from 27-30 March 2019. At the event, in addition to discussing the development and development of Islamic campuses in Asia, scientific seminars were held which were attended by experts from various countries.

In this extraordinary momentum, IAIN Palu also actively build relationships with various Islamic campuses at home and abroad. At least, IAIN Palu managed to build a network with 13 Islamic universities from various countries in the form of cooperation agreements or Memorandums of Understanding (MoU), including the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Maldives. In particular, these institutions even invited IAIN Palu to be able to share of knowledge between Islamic higher education institutions.

With the existence of such cooperation, the future relations between IAIN Palu and Islamic campuses at home and abroad can be increased and can provide benefits for both parties. Programs such as joint research and student exchange between universities can be implemented in the future.

This was in accordance with the instructions of the Rector of IAIN Palu, so that IAIN Palu continued to spur itself in building networks and relationships with various domestic and foreign institutions. In the future, IAIN Palu is expected to continue to grow and can flap its wings. IAIN Palu is not only a king in its own land, but can speak a lot on national and international levels.

Seeing the rapid response and movement carried out by the leadership and the entire academic community of IAIN Palu, it will be visible and realized in the future. As well as making IAIN Palu as a qualified and competitive campus.