Palu, 22/6 ( PR- IAIN PALU) - State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi, began drafting the academic calendar year 2018/2019, a follow-up of efforts to improve the quality and competitiveness of the college.

"This academic calendar accommodates the vision and mission of the rector and IAIN Palu institution that promotes moderation toward quality and competitiveness," said Vice Rector of Institute Academic and Development of IAIN Palu, Dr. Abidin Djafar, in Palu on Friday.

Related to the academic calendar, Abidin mentioned, one of the calendar's functions and objectives is to answer the problem or weakness in the process of new students admission in the SPAN.

"Acceptance of new students SPAN track, always considered slow in coordination and preceded by public colleges with high school teams IT Central Sulawesi.

In the academic calendar of IAIN Palu being discussed, it is planned that coordination is earlier than public university, "Abidin said. In addition, he explained, the academic calendar also includes student activities such as Real Work Lecture (KKN), PPL and graduation twice a year.

"This calendar just managed to load KKN twice, PPL twice, and graduation twice a year," he explained.

He explained that the academic calendar of IAIN Palu will also be a reference for the selection of students' seriousness. This is evidenced by the graduation of students on the selection of acceptance of KKN, PPL, and graduation.

He further elaborated the academic calendar of IAIN Palu to encourage leaders, officers, lecturers, staff, students and other academic community to discipline and complete their duties.