Library of IAIN Palu provides a wide collection of related books / references in English, Arabic and Indonesian to support the lectures. The library also provides electronic access to various journal titles and online database of Islamic studies, economics and business.



IAIN Palu provides a meeting room with an appropriate capacity for students and the public. Auditorium of IAIN Palu is the main meeting room that can be used for public meetings, international seminars, and national seminars. This room is well designed, so it is appropriate to organize these kind of activities. Auditorium of IAIN Palu has a capacity of 700 people and is equipped with multimedia tools.


Information and Technology Services

IAIN Palu has developed an integrated Information Technology (IT) System in the provision of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure in both academic, financial, paperless office and lecture support by providing computer laboratories supported by adequate IT resources and free wi-fi (free wireless fidelity) for students.



IAIN Palu highly appreciates the religious needs of both managers, lecturers, students and staffs. This mosque also serves as a worship laboratory for students.


Sports Facilities

The learning process can be done if everyone is supported by good health. IAIN Palu provides futsal field, volleyball field, takraw field, wall climbing and others to accommodate students' interest as well as to maintain health. The program supports any sports activities undertaken by students or lecturers and staffs. The sports fields are built and designed as comfortable and fun as possible.


Student Clubs

Various activities in the form of hobby development, and extracurricular can be done through student organizations or called clubs. The clubs are fully staffed by students and are expected to have a role as a means of communication between students.



The building is located in the eastern part of Campus IAIN Palu. The food provided is traditional and modern cuisine. This place is also convenient for dining while discussing. The canteen is open from morning until noon and has a seating capacity of 30 seats.


Park and Parking Lot

As an educational institution, IAIN Palu has a modern landscaping building. The front view with the sea and back view is made to provide a positive spirit for learning and discussion. Decorated with unique tropical vegetation, IAIN Palu Park is an ideal location for students to communicate with each other. Students who use a car or motorcycle will get a parking area that helps secure the vehicle.

Student Flats

IAIN Palu also provides flats or residential for students called Rusunawa. This 3 storey building of 2 buildings with 161 rooms is located in Tipo Village about three kilometers from the campus. The Rusunawa is designed in a modern, well-equipped, and supported with adequate facilities.