Palu, Rector of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Prof. Dr. H Saggaf S Pettalongi MPd met the Governor of Central Sulawesi Drs H Longki Djanggola M.Si as a form of friendship to strengthen the relationship between the university and the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government on Monday.

Prof. Dr. Saggaf S Pettalongi accompanied by Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Iskandar Nasaruddin and Dean of Tarbiyah Faculty of IAIN Palu Dr. Mohammad Idhan, received by Governor Longki Djanggola in his working room at 12.30 pm.

Prof. Saggaf Pettalongi expressed support that IAIN Palu institutionally participated and ready to support the realization of the vision and mission of Governor Longki Djanggola.

"IAIN Palu supports the vision and mission of the Governor of Central Sulawesi," said Prof. Saggaf Pettalongi in the gathering.

The statement was spontaneously responded by Governor Longki Djanggola by saying 'alhamdulillah, insha Allah'.

In addition, Prof. Saggaf Pettalongi also conveyed the development plan of the state Islamic institute he leads.

To the Governor of Longki Djanggola, he reported that the construction of two IAIN Palu lecture buildings in Sigi as a form of institute development, has been completed and is waiting for the inauguration.

"We at once convey and invite Mr. Governor to participate inaugurating two lecture buildings of IAIN Palu in Sigi," he said.

This Education Management Expert told the Governor that IAIN Palu was entrusted to host the implementation of an international Islamic conference entitled Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XVIII.

He mentioned that IAIN Palu is able to organize and succeed the national and international scale activities, which is planned to be held on 17-20 September 2018.

"IAIN Palu this year hosted the implementation of AICIS 2018, which will be attended by approximately 4,000 academics at home and abroad," he explained.

Furthermore, he said that the location of campus I on Jalan Diponegoro has been narrow and flanked by several buildings including homes and pharmacies.

"IAIN can not pay for land located right beside Faculty of Da'wah, because the seller sells with high price," he said.

Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola said the buildings and land will not be sold because the price is very high.

"If they do not want it, yes it's okay, there is no buyer whose interest with such a high price," he said.

Longki Djanggola suggested to IAIN that the land price agreement be made on paper. But if the seller does not want to, then just say that IAIN no longer interested in the land because the campus moved to Sigi.

IAIN Palu once bargain the price of buildings and land between the two campus buildings. IAIN Palu plans to buy and build a lecture building.