Palu, 04/01/19 (PR-IAIN Palu) – The Rector of Palu Islamic State Institute (IAIN), Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S Pettalongi hopes that the recipient of the satyalancana award that determined through a presidential decree will improve performance in the college service.

Satyalancana award was determined through Presidential Decree Number 122 / TK / 2018 and Presidential Decree Number 47 / TK / Year 2018, said Prof. Dr. H Sagaf S Pettalongi in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Thursday.

"I, personally and institutionally congratulate those who received the award, hoping they can continue to improve their performance at the IAIN Palu," he said.

There are eleven ASNs in the IAIN Palu environment that were awarded the satyalancana Karta Satya through a Presidential Decree. The award was presented at the commemoration of the Ministry of Religion's Charity Day (HAB) at IAIN Palu on Thursday (3/12).

Those who received the award, namely Drs. Abdullah Nur, the rank of main young supervisor, was awarded for 30 years' service, Drs Ramang M.Pd.I, the rank of the main young coach, 30 years of service.

Dr. Gusnarib M.Pd, the 10-year level I administrator, Arifuddin M Arif, 10-year level I administrator, Rus'an 10-year level I administrator.

Kamridah S.Ag M.Pd.I 10-year level I administrator, Sitti Masita, 10-year administrator, 10 years' service, Abu Bakri, 10-year level I administrator

Then, Titin Fatimah was the rank of administrator, 10 years of service and Fatharany was the 10-year administrator.

Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi advised that the satyalancana award by Satya could be a motivation for the state civil apparatus in IAIN Palu environment.

He said that HAB was an important momentum to reflect on the role of state Islamic religious institutions including IAIN Palu. The reflection was to improve the performance of the ASN line of the Ministry of Religion at IAIN Palu.

"Now this is necessary, and must be done continuously. The more we reflect, the results we can achieve together," said Sagaf Pettalongi.

Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi also said the Indonesian Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim, in his remarks on the HAB 73 of 2018 reminded all ASNs at the ministry that, seventy-three years ago, on January 3, 1946 the Government formed the Ministry of Religion. The establishment of the Ministry of Religion is a historic decision and has a great influence throughout the course of the nation and the State of the Republic of Indonesia until now.

The establishment of the Ministry of Religion is to maintain and maintain, while at the same time developing the quality of the religious education of the community in order to increase rankings. In order to continue to maintain harmony between religious communities. And in the end so that the quality of the nation's religious life increases.

He continued, Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim, said through the commemoration of the Ministry of Religion's Charity Day, we were reminded again of the importance of guaranteeing religious rights in the implementation of the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, especially the One and Only principles in the Preamble and Article 29 Republic of Indonesia. In our country based on Pancasila, it is not only a guarantee to practice the teachings of religion protected by the state, even Government policies must not conflict with the teachings and rules of religion.

PALU IAIN held a ceremony to commemorate 73 years of Charity Day (HAB). Acting as ceremonial inspector, Assistant General Administration Division of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Secretariat, Mulyono. The ceremony was attended by the Chancellor Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi, deputy chancellors, deans, deputy deans, lecturers and administrative staff as well as students in the college environment.