Rector: The Construction of IAIN Palu Rectorate must be according to the rules

The Head of Planning Section, Ahdar, accompanied  IAIN Palu Rector Prof. Dr. KH Sagaf S Pettalongi at the pre-construction meeting of the IAIN Palu construction on Friday. Prof. Sagaf delivered instructions in the meeting followed by implementing contractors, supervisory consultants and PPTK.

The rector of State Islamic Institute (IAIN) in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Prof. Dr. KH. Sagaf S Pettalongi M.Pd stressed that the process of building the rector office building must be in accordance with applicable regulations.

"It must refer to the existing rules, on contracts signed, and quality. It must be earthquake resistant," said Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi M.Pd, in Palu, Friday.

This statement was conveyed by Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi at the pre-construction meeting of the construction of the IAIN Palu rector building, which was attended by the implementing contractor, PT Karya Putra Celebes, CV Usfa Wuldia who acted as the supervisor of project implementation, PPTK Project, Ichsan Firmansyah, Head of Planning Section -Ahdar, took place on the 3rd Floor IAIN Palu Postgraduate Building on Friday.

IAIN Palu, will begin construction of a four-story rector building equipped with vehicle parking areas on the ground floor, with a budget of Rp20,199 billion, from the State Budget (APBN).

Therefore, Prof. Sagaf said, in addition to referring to work rules and contracts, project implementers and supervisors need to pay attention to the timing of implementation.

"Project implementers must coordinate and communicate with supervisors, with PPTK and IAIN Palu, so that the building process can run well," he said.

The Deputy Chair of the Central Sulawesi MUI emphasized the implementing contractor and supervisory consultant that the building to be built is one of the most basic and very basic needs of IAIN Palu.

Considering, the building will be the center of academic administration services, services to students, academics and the community.

"The need is very urgent. During the tsunami disaster, the Palu IAIN rector became one of the affected parties, all important facilities and administrations were lost to the tsunami," he said.

Meanwhile, the implementing contract of PT Karya Putra Celebes represented by Dedi Setiawan promised to carry out the construction of the Palu IAIN rectorate according to the applicable rules and contracts.

Dedi said, his party would also make a work plan and the progress of each work plan along with the items.

"Work will be made in the structure, and communicated with the supervising consultant and the IAIN Palu," he said.

Then, he will also prioritize occupational safety and health standards.

Related to that, Supervisory Consultant CV Usfa Wuldia emphasized to project implementers to prioritize occupational safety and health.

The supervisor can also recommend termination of employment, if the implementing contractor does work not in accordance with the contract.

The Supervision Consultant also emphasized that the contractor also needed to provide signs. Considering student activities will soon be active again.