Ready to Produce Featured Human Resources, IAIN Palu Postgraduate Holds First Doctoral Proposal Session

Palu - Thursday 09 May 2019, to coincide with 04 Ramadhan 1440 Hijriyah is an important day for IAIN Palu. After successfully opening the Doctoral Program for the Department of Islamic Education, now IAIN Palu managed to hold the initial dissertation proposal. This is certainly a sign that IAIN Palu is ready to spawn experts in the field of Islamic Education by continuing to bring qualified doctors.

It was Mr. Arifuddin M. Arif as the first participant to take part in this initial dissertation session. The lecturer at the Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty of IAIN Palu presented the title of the dissertation "Development of Islamic Education Learning Model (PAI) and Character Knowledge with Natural Disaster Mitigation Based on Local Wisdom in Junior High Schools (SMP) in Palu ". The dissertation that was raised by looking at the condition of the City of Palu, both from the natural conditions and the local wisdom possessed, aims to produce applicable Islamic Education Lessons and be able to answer the conditions of the region and the people of Palu.

Led by the Director of the IAIN Palu Postgraduate, Prof. Dr. Rusli, M.Soc.Sc. It was ran solemnly and interactively. The testing process carried out by experts in exploring the proposed dissertation aims to ensure that IAIN Palu will produce a qualified doctorate. The trial, which ended with acceptance by the board of examiners, also decided that the dissertation proposal submitted by Mr. Arifuddin received a score of 92.

The readiness of IAIN Palu is a proof of the seriousness of IAIN Palu to become the flagship campus. It is expected that in the future more doctoral candidates will be born by IAIN Palu.