Jogyakarta, 20/4 (HUMASIAIN) - The Ministry of Religious Affairs has called on the organizing committee to enhance the promotion of Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XVIII, in Palu City, Central Sulawesi, held from 17 to 21 September 2018.

"My observation, this AICIS is only known among us, among the Islamic religious colleges of the country, whereas this is a big event," said Director General of Islamic Education (Dirjen Pendis) Ministry of Religious Kamaruddin Amin, in Jogyakarta.

Kamaruddin Amin stated that there should be organizational innovations, so AICIS should be more promoted to the public. Not only limited to PTKIN components.

He acknowledged that so far AICIS which is one of the national and international events in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, has not yet encroached on the community on the scale of Indonesia and internationally.

He believes that AICIS became one of the big events in Indonesia. However, this activity has not been managed proportionately in promotions and publications.

"The AICIS involves hundreds of professors, experts, and not only figures from Indonesia, but also from abroad. But it has not been managed proportionally in the field of promotion, "he said.

Kamaruddin Amin admitted to agreeing with the plan of AICIS XVIII committee to present President Jokowi to open the national and international activities, in Palu on 17 to 21 September 2018.

Therefore, he said, they will follow-up of the committee's and host of AICIS XVIII plans, so that Jokowi can be present in Palu City.

President Jokowi is planned to present the opening speech at the same time officially opened AICIS XVIII 2018, on September 18, 2018.

He hopes that the plan to present President Jokowi in AICIS XVIII can be realized. By him, his side with the committee will present and prepare activities / agenda for Jokowi in addition to opening AICIS.

"It can be coupled with other events, usually when the President visits the region, he likes to hand over Indonesia Smart Card, now it will be prepared," Kamaruddin Amin said.

He suggested to the committee and steering committees that AICIS can present experts, and figures from different countries who can represent Islamic studies.

"At least I think there are four central Islamic studies in the world, namely the Middle East, Iran, Europe and America, and Pakistan and India," said Kamaruddin.