LPM IAIN Palu Held a Simulation for New Students

Palu 03/01 (PR-IAIN Palu) Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, held a martikulasi program to thousands of new students in 22 study programs at IAIN Palu. In this program, students are given the knowledge of reading and writing the Quran, training in writing scientific papers, how to effectively study in college, a code of ethics for students, and soft skills in order to survive in lecturing.

Chairperson of the IAIN Palu LPM, Dr. Askar, M.Pd explained, the program should have been carried out at the beginning of the semester, but due to the AICIS 2018 national celebration, and the condition of natural disasters that hit Palu City and its surroundings on September 28, 2018, the program was finally delayed and only this time could be implemented.

"Actually, the initial plan after AICIS 2018 was implemented, but because of the September 28 disaster, it can only be implemented now," Askar said, Wednesday (2/1/2019).

However, he ensured that the delay in the implementation of the program did not reduce the substance of the program's objectives, such as providing Quran reading and writing training to new students, considering that many new students came from high school and vocational school graduates who were not yet very fluent in understanding the Koran reading and writing.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Martikulasi Program Committee, Dr. Moh Ali, added, that the purpose of the matriculation activity was to provide students with supplies in the initial semester. Considering that students have been given the task of making scientific work, they are given material on understanding academic competencies and how to study in Islamic Universities in the east.

In order to create a conducive atmosphere and mutual respect and understanding of the main tasks and functions, students are given an understanding of the student code of ethics when on campus.

Considering, new students come from a variety of educational backgrounds, understanding, and views. This of course will make the views and understanding of new students can be different. Therefore we need matriculation, because one of the advantages of this matriculation is helping new students to equate perceptions as well as views in the study program, and to develop their individual competencies, students are given provisions on soft skills knowledge in order to survive in attending lectures.