Palu, 25/7 (Public Relations of IAIN Palu) - Head of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of Library, Abubakri, said the library is the heart of the quality development of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi.

"The library is one of the most important units in the assessment of the quality of universities," Abubakri said in Palu, related to the development of IAIN Palu Library on Wednesday.

He specifies that currently, IAIN Palu library holds approximately 13,654 scientific papers including books, which are duplicated to 28,555.

The scientific work includes 8691 books, 3920 thesis, 486 journals, 317 magazines, 132 thesis, 40 modules, 30 bulletins, 13 dissertations, 8 catalogs, 3 postgraduate journals, 3 CD / DVD thesis , 1 others, 1 newspaper .

He outlines, books available at the IAIN Palu library, among others, education, fiqh, household welfare, tarbiyah, Islamic education and da'wah, hadith, alquran, legal science, general knowledge, history and biography of Islam, social and cultural Islam, Islam, Arabic, akhalak and tasawuf, sociology and culture, management, economics, religion, philosophy, social and political science, usulul, linguistics, tafsir alquran, syariah, communication science, social sciences.

Nevertheless, he mentioned, IAIN Palu libraries have not implemented the modern system of advanced libraries of advanced universities abroad.

Ideally, he said, libraries in colleges should have hundreds of thousands of scientific papers and books of various titles as a reference.

"It's not modern yet. IAIN libraries in its service are still using manuals. However, efforts to go to modernization must be instilled from now on, "Abu Bakri said.

He speaks every year, the library seeks to add hundreds of titles to meet the needs of students.

There are several factors, he admitted, which become obstacles in the development and management of IAIN Palu library that is, the lack of human resources in the field of administration, IT and literature.

Therefore, he said, the problem is minimized by building cooperation with Central Sulawesi Regional Library, Tadulako University Library and Library STIE Panca Bhakti.

"On this cooperation, the libraries can exchange books. It also facilitates IAIN Palu to add books and human resources to develop the quality of librarians, "said Abu Bakri.

It also established cooperation with Bank Indonesia Central Sulawesi for the addition of reference / literature concerning economic growth in Central Sulawesi.

"With the availability of these literatures, each student can borrow 3 books for a week," he said.

Furthermore, in every workday IAIN Library Palu visited more than 100 students from various faculties.