Palu, 8/8 (IAIN Palu Public Relations) - Central Sulawesi General Election Commission (KPU) introduced general elections to students of Palu State Islamic Institute (IAIN), through voter socialization and education, at the college auditorium August 8 - 9 2018.

"This activity is one of the agenda that is routinely carried out by KPU Central Sulawesi every year and before the election, to provide electoral understanding that is expected to have an impact on increasing voter participation," KPU Central Sulawesi Chairman Tanwir Lamaming said on Wednesday.

He explained, in 2019 there will be a rapid democratic election of members of the DPRD, DPR and DPD as well as the presidential and vice presidential elections. Then an understanding of electoral and voter rights is needed.

"We all understand that in 2019 there will be a general election. So the KPU as the election organizer provides an understanding to the community," Tanwir said.

Tanwir explained that students are one of the big bases in the temporary voter list that has been determined by the Indonesian KPU.

"The number of student voters is around 30-40 percent and even more, from 187 million temporary voters set by the KPU," he said.

So the Central Sulawesi KPU, he said, provided understanding and invited students to make a real contribution in increasing voter participation which has an impact on improving the quality of democracy in the 2019 election later.

He acknowledged that the KPU experienced its main limitations in terms of the quantity of election organizers. Where structurally starting from the provincial level to the polling station level, it starts from three to nine people.

Related to this, the Deputy Chancellor of Student Affairs at the IAIN Palu, Iskandar Nasaruddin said that the state Islamic university that led by the Rector Prof. Dr. Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd welcomed positively the KPU's efforts to hold the campus in the election process.

IAIN Palu academic community, he said, is ready to help and contribute to the implementation of elections for the quality of democracy, as well as a form of effort in building the Republic of Indonesia.

The KPU presented three speakers at electoral education and education, namely Members of the Central Sulawesi KPU Sahran Raden, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Law Adab and Da'wah IAIN Palu, Dr. Lukman S Thahir and UNTAD Palu Academician, Dr. Darwis.