The Inspectorate of Ministry of Religion Republic Indonesia guarded the assets removal of IAIN Palu After the disaster

Palu, 1/2 - Regional IV Inspectorate of the Ministry of Religion RI oversees the process of removing a number of movable and immovable assets within the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) in Palu, after the earthquake and tsunami disaster hit the campus. "In principle, the elimination of these assets can be done, and we will guard them to run according to the mandate of the legislation," said Regional Inspector IV of the Ministry of Religion, Dr. Hilmi Muhammadiyah, in Palu on Friday.

Dr. Hilmi Muhammadiyah stated that a proposed plan to remove assets could be carried out. Beginning with an inventory of state assets at IAIN Palu. Then, he said, the proposed abolition of assets was followed up by Region IV Inspectorate for review, to be submitted to the Ministry of Religion. Furthermore, he said, the Ministry of Religion issued a special policy regarding the abolition of state assets at IAIN Palu. "After being inventoried, a decision will be made by the Minister of Religion. So, the state assets at IAIN Palu affected by the disaster, damaged and lost will be removed," said Hilmi Muhammadiyah.

He said the Region IV Inspectorate had sent a team to IAIN Palu to review and inventory the assets of the affected countries. Related to that, IAIN Palu Deputy Rector for Public Administration, Finance, Personnel and Planning, Dr. Kamaruddin confirmed the proposed plan to remove assets. "There are several state assets that we have proposed and have been responded by the Ministry of Religion to be deleted. The abolition of these assets is also related to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of IAIN Palu after the earthquake and tsunami disaster," said Dr. Kamaruddin.

He mentioned, one of the assets proposed to be deleted and reconstructed again was the IAIN Palu Hall building. Based on data from the asset manager of IAIN Palu, there are 52 items proposed for the plan to abolish the college assets, which have been approved by the central government, and will be carried out in 2019. The total value of 52 items of assets or state property in Palu IAIN which will be removed in 2019 is IDR 10,699 billion. These items do not include vehicles. In addition to these 52 items, 9 items of movable assets (vehicles) will also be removed in 2019 with a total value of around Rp. 1,049 billion.