Palu, 26/7 (Public Relation of IAIN Palu) - State Islamic Institute of Palu, Central Sulawesi, will have the Faculty of Islamic Business Economics, to maximize the implementation of college education in line with the needs and challenges of the times.

"It is time to prepare everything that is related to the smooth operation of the faculty, including the preparation of human resources and infrastructure," said Dean of Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Economics IAIN Palu, Dr. Hilal Malarangan in Palu, on plans to open the Faculty of Islamic Business Economics on Thursday.

Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI) to be owned IAIN Palu, born from the womb of the Faculty of Islamic Economics Sharia. The faculty has planned its opening to stand on its own since a few years ago.

Currently the plan of Faculty of Islamic Business Economics to stand alone has received a positive response from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia

 and the Ministry of Finance.

Hilal Malarangan called the effort to separate the Faculty of Islamic Business Economics from the Faculty of Sharia into a step forward for the country's Islamic college.

Thus, the Faculty of Sharia will be more specific to the development and deepening of academics in the field of constitutional law, Islamic law and so on. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Islamic Economics will focus on the majors of Islamic banking, Islamic economics, muamalah and so forth.

He mentioned that from the infrastructure side, IAIN Palu should start preparing the lecture building and other supporting facilities to maximize the faculty.

"With the birth of the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, it can indirectly provide demands on the infrastructure needs of the lecture building and so on," said Hilal Malarangan.

In terms of human resources, there should be preparation of academic implementing candidates starting from the deans, vice deans, administrative divisions, academic and general kasubag and chiefs of majors, including lecturers / lecturers.

Not only that, according to him, the birth of the Faculty of Islamic Business Economics would require guidelines for the implementation of internal academic and standard operational procedures are separate.

"Due to the separation from the Sharia Faculty, the academic guidance must also be separated, and the new faculty must have its own guidance," said Hilal Malarangan.

Furthermore, he argued, if in 2019 IAIN Palu pocketed the operational permit of the faculty from the central government, then in the same year, the college will begin to recruit new students.