Palu, (PR IAIN) - State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, is currently working on a document for the use of Datokarama's name at the college, as a form of commemorating kindness and services.

     Datokarama or Abdul Raqieh is one of the leaders of Islamic religion in Central Sulawesi, especially Palu.

"In the near future, next week, we will send documents to the Ministry of Religious Affairs Bureau for the addition of Datokarama's name to IAIN Palu," said Vice Rector of Academic and Development of Institution IAIN Palu. Abidin Djafar, in Palu, Tuesday.

     Abidin said that currently they are brewing three documents that are eligible for the use of the name Datokarama.

First, the document results of academic research on the figure of Datokarama. Second, recommendations from the Governor of Central Sulawesi and Palu Mayor and the third, letters of recommendation and approval from the heirs of the Datokarama family and the adat leaders.

     "Some of these documents are already in us, Insha Allah will be completed next week and we will send them to the Ministry of Religious Affairs," Abidin said.

     He declared if the Ministry of Religious Affairs approved the addition of the name Datokarama, then the name of the college became 'IAIN Datokarama Palu'.

The use of the name, he said, is not only limited to commemorate the services of Datokarama who have given role and contribution to society in Central Sulawesi.

     Rather, also as a form of strengthening of local wisdom and the history of Islamic civilization in the city of Palu and surrounding areas.

"If there is already a decision from the Ministry of Religious Affairs to use the name, then IAIN Palu will directly participate in Haul Datokarama, it is based on the request of the community through customary council," he said.

     Meanwhile, one of the heiress's family of Datokarama Ince Mawar Abdullah supports the IAIN Palu step using the name Datokarama.

     "I have conveyed to the vice chancellor that, since we have been very supportive of Datokarama's name used by IAIN Palu," he said.

     Before switching to IAIN Palu status, the college was named Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri (STAIN) Datokarama Palu. When changing status around 2013, the name Datokarama is not listed in the Presidential Regulation.