Palu, 2/8 (IAIN Palu Public Relations) The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, is ready to carry out the examination of 950 new prospective students of independent local registration, Monday 6/8.

Head of the IAIN Palu General and Academic Administration Bureau, Ramang, in Palu, on Thursday, stated that the readiness to carry out was seen from the steps of the committee that began preparing infrastructure and facilities that were the main needs.

"The committee started to prepare the building and room for the implementation of the exam, test materials and other things needed" said Ramang at the exam committee meeting for prospective students of the independent local lane.

He explained that the committee provided 44 building rooms owned by IAIN Palu from SBSN assistance. Each room will be filled by 20 prospective new students of the pathway.

In addition, he requested that the registration committee must immediately make an administration regarding the attendance list, minutes, seat number, cover of the test file.

"The attempted exam will end before dzuhur" said Ramang.

He also reminded the security committee to improve security ahead of the exam which was preceded by briefing new prospective students on Friday, August 3, 2018.

"We have to direct students, because there are quite a lot of students who participate. Therefore, security must be in maximum duty, including maintaining vehicles and helmets belonging to new students," said Ramang.

He claimed that in previous years, there had been prospective students who put their bags and cellphones in their vehicles. Worse yet the lock of the vehicle was not revoked.

"If security later finds things like this, then it is immediately secured. Then it will be announced to prospective new students," he said.

He appealed to prospective new students to be careful, not to rush and pay attention to personal security factors including having to guard the bag and lock the vehicle properly and revoke the key.