Palu, 28/6 (Public Relation of IAIN Palu) - Palu, State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu , Central Sulawesi, is ready to hold 18th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS), in Palu, 17-21 September 2018.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Institution Development IAIN Palu as well as the organizing committee, Dr. Abidin Djafar, in Palu on Thursday, admitted that the central committee which is the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the director of activities has seen the seriousness and readiness of the country's Islamic colleges to implement AICIS.

Yes, the central committee in this case the Ministry of Religious Affairs and steering committee on Thursday 28 June reviewed the readiness of IAIN Palu," said Dr. Abidin Djafar.

He described the review as well as a form of strengthening the coordination of the AICIS central committee with IAIN Palu as the host of the organizers regarding the readiness to organize AICIS.

Therefore, he said, the AICIS central committee team directly observed the determination and feasibility of the hotel where the entourage of President Jokowi, Minister of Religious Lukman Hakim Saifuddin and Ministry of Religious officials.

He admitted that IAIN Palu and the Ministry of Religious Affairs have built an understanding and coordination to bring President Jokowi to open AICIS 18 in Palu.

"President Jokowi planned to open AICIS 18. Therefore the team review the feasibility of where the state officials include the entourage of President Jokowi, the group of Religious Affairs Minister, director general, director and place of the central committee," explained Abidin.

He said the Ministry of Religious team also reviewed the Mercure Hotel Palu planned for the opening of AICIS.

"They ensure the opening of the AICIS starting from the stage model, chair model, table, and stage background, as well as the arrangement of AICIS event," he said.

The team also, he said, directly monitor the coordination of IAIN Palu with the Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi related to the readiness of the government of Central Sulawesi Province welcomed the arrival of President Jokowi.

Furthermore, the team also ensured the preparedness of IAIN Palu in terms of infrastructure such as auditorium and SBSN building where the discussions took place.

"Including the cohesiveness of the organizing committee, it is also a matter that is reviewed by the central committee team," said Abidin.

The 18th AICIS will have an impact on the promotion of Palu as a four-dimensional city covering the tourism potential of the bay, mountains, valleys and rivers. AICIS is also a media promotion of tourism and cultural potential as well as culinary in Central Sulawesi in general.