IAIN Palu Needs Rp.117 Billion to Revitalize The Campus After The Earthquake

Palu 9/11 (Public Relations IAIN Palu) - The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi, requires a budget of Rp.117 billion to revitalize the college to restore its role and function after the earthquake and the tsunami hit the campus located on the shore of Palu Bay.

"The cost for the reconstruction needs of IAIN Palu after the disaster was around Rp.117 billion," said the Head of Finance Sub Division of IAIN Palu, Ahdar, in Palu on Friday.

The cost requirements for the reconstruction of 34 items consisted of the rector building, Sharia Faculty L building, BAAK, student center, lecturer room, integrated laboratory, tarbiyah lecture building, tarbiyah Dean building, lecture hall and Ushuluddin dean. Then, the postgraduate building, the hall, the faculty building of the sharia faculty, the lecture hall and the dean of the faculty of preaching, the language lab building and the computer, the library building, the campus bus garage building.

Building M, warehouse equipment, smooking area building, archive warehouse, garage building 2 campus buses, generator house, Al-Abrar Mosque IAIN Palu, cooperative building, canteen, campus radio building, guard post in front of the hall, guard post of auditorium, guard post front of the rectorate, as well as supporting infrastructure facilities of the IAIN Palu campus (calculation of lump sump).

The need for funds for the campus revitalization has been submitted to the central government through the Ministry of Religion in Jakarta. "The Chancellor has delivered or presented the needs of the IAIN Palu after the disaster to the Ministry of Religion in Jakarta," said the Head of the IAIN Palu Bureau, Ramang.

Currently lectures and bureaucratic services, in part, take place in tents installed. The odd semester lectures take place in tents that have been built with assistance from the National Baznas Center, Ministry of Religion and BNPB.

In addition to tents, students also study with their lecturers on the faculties' terrace on campus.