Palu, 6/2 - The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi, followed up the direction of the Regional IV Inspectorate of the Ministry of Religion, evaluating the performance of lecturers in the university. The evaluation was carried out by examining the Lecturers Workload Report (BKD), which was conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) involving 35 internal assessors on Wednesday. "Lecturers who are considered to meet the terms or conditions of the Lecturer Workload (BKD), are entitled to receive or be paid for the next semester certification," said Chairman of the Palu IAIN LPM Dr. Askar Ahmad, in Palu on Wednesday.

Based on LPM data, there are approximately 129 peculiar-level BKD documents belonging to 129 lecturers, which are being examined by LPM with the involvement of an internal assessment team. Askar Ahmad stated, BKD is a document or report on lecturers' performance on the internal IAIN Palu for one smester, which must be made by every lecturer. For ordinary lecturers, or lecturers without additional mininal assignments must meet 12 credits / semester and a maximum of 16 credits / semester. These provisions include education, research and community service.

Then, said Askar, for lecturers who have additional duties, at least fulfill 4 credits / semester and a maximum of 6 credits / semester in the field of education, without research and community service. "We hope that all lecturers who are examined in their report today can meet the criteria, terms or conditions of the BKD," Askar Ahmad said. LPM plans to examine BKD documents. 129 IAIN Palu lecturers last two days, starting on Wednesday 6 February 2019.


Previously, the Regional IV Inspectorate of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia emphasized that every ASN, especially civil servants and lecturers within the Ministry of Religion, must prepare daily and monthly performance reports. "We will tighten every administrative ASN and lecturer to monitor its performance. We will keep on guarding, monitored their performance closely," said Inspector of Region IV of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion Inspectorate, Hilmi Muhammadiyah, in Palu.

He asserted, there were no lecturers or civil servants under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, who did not make daily and monthly performance reports. It was stated, compiling reports was an obligation. If there is no performance report, then the concerned person may be considered to be performing poorly. Hilmi said that every ASN that is a civil servant and a lecturer whose performance is poor, his performance allowance will be revoked or dismissed.


"We will propose to stop paying for the performance benefits of each ASN, if the performance is bad," said Hilmi Muhammadiyah. Not only that, the poor performance of administrative civil servants and lecturers will also have consequences or impact on demotion and class. That means poor performance. Poor performance can be assessed from the performance report, "he said.