Palu, State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, began conducting assessments as a form of recruitment for the recruitment of state civil servants (ASN) for the mapping and recruitment of officials within the state Islamic university.

The screening for the mapping of the office was conducted with a Competency Assessment which was attended by 37 participants consisting of 13 supervisory officers and 24 implementers, from 26 to 28 February 2018. "Assessment is one of the instruments used in improving the performance of state civil servants, as well as candidates of officials and officials who have occupied certain positions," said Rector IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S. Pettalongi, MPd when giving direction to the pre-assessment of the competence of administrative officials.

He claimed that based on his knowledge there are three important things in the assessment, first, concerning knowledge and ASN intelligence. Second, involves the skills in carrying out and completing tasks. Third, concerning attitudes, values ​​in carrying out the task or process of interaction in everyday life. Therefore, he expects the assessment can present officials who have good working discipline. This is to support the orientation of this university over the next four years oriented on improving the quality to enhance the competitiveness of Islamic universities of the country.

"Therefore, all ASN related to the implementation of administrative functions, as well as functional services should lead to quality improvement. One of the requirements for quality improvement is the discipline of ASN or work discipline, especially officials who occupy certain positions," said the Rector. According to him, the discipline of work can support to achieve whatever is desired. Therefore, there should be a special formation of candidates of officials and officials who have occupied certain positions. He admitted that according to his observation the discipline of work has not been maximized; therefore the assessment becomes an important benchmark in the official directorate, which is also to can give birth to officials with integrity that can affect some aspects of ASN discipline in supporting the orientation of the college. Meanwhile, Head of Employment Assistance Sub-Section of the Personnel Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Syaharudin, said that the competency assessment assesses the ability of an ASN's ability to be compared with the standard of position to be occupied.

"Assessment will affect the placement of officials in an office in accordance with the expertise, and officials love their work," said Saharudin. He describes there are three compounds that must be owned by ASN, the first is the social competence of culture in which there is ability and composition of adhesive NKRI. "The Ministry of Religion in the competence of harmonization of diversity, so ASN is expected to have the spirit and spirit to adhesive NKRI," said Saharudin. Secondly, ASN of Ministry of Religious Affairs should have managerial capability, and then that is technical competence. "The technical capability includes having communication skills, able to communicate to convince the public and able to operate computer Minimal can operate office application," he explained.