Palu, (PR- IAIN Palu) - State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, officially uses the apartment building, Monday 25/6.

The three-storey building with 43 rooms capacity is located in Tipo Village, Ulujadi Sub-district, Palu City, is a grant from the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing in 2012.

The education management expert called the building built by the government, should be immediately utilized by IAIN Palu.

Because, he said, if not immediately used within a period of two months, starting from April, then the assets will be withdrawn by the central government.

"Rusunawa is used as a place of resource development, intellectual, mental and spiritual skills of students," said Prof. Sagaf.

Vice Chairman of the Council of Ulema Indonesia of Central Sulawesi assessed that Rusunawa building is very representative to be used as a place of learning to students, through programs owned by mahad al-jamiah IAIN Palu.

Therefore, he requested that Director Mahad Al-Jamian be able to innovate in the preparation of coaching programs, resource improvement, mental and intellectual with good and sustainable.

"Rusunawa function guidance of student human resources, mental and practice. Therefore it takes continuous directional and organized guidance system which ultimately has an impact on improving the quality and competitiveness of students, "explained Prof. Sagaf.