Palu, - The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi, offers the Department of Islamic Political Thought (PPI) as a form of remedial efforts to realize the quality of better democracy.

The Head of of Islamic Political Thought Department - Faculty of Ushuluddin Adab and Da'wah IAIN Palu , Taufik Lasenggo S.Sos.i MSI states that his major is one of the disciplines that can graduate scholars with good intellectual qualities, supported by character formation, emotional, ethical and moral.

"One of the reasons for the presence of Islamic political thought major is, the conditions and democratic situation," said Taufik Lasenggo, at IAIN Palu on Monday.

Taufik Lasenggo acknowledged that Islamic political thought is very young when compared to other majors in IAIN Palu. Nevertheless, this discipline can lead the future of the scholars to carve out the future.

Because, he said, the reason for the dynamics of politics in the region even the national level that has not fully put forward the moral and ethical aspects and the main religious approach of Islam, demanding the presence of parties including scholars who have disciplines in the field to improve the quality of dignified, civil and moral democracy.

Thus, students who study in Islamic Political Thought will be equipped with ethical and moral ability in politics based on Islamic and religious values.

"Therefore, the presence of majors or disciplines of Islamic political thought is very important, it becomes a shoot that will be faced with the situation and dynamics that are closely related to the implementation of the state," said Taufik Lasenggo.

Taufik explained that the Department of Islamic Political Thought not only studied general political science, but also Islamic politics.

Therefore, the presence of the department is designed to be in line with the vision and mission of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, one of which is a scholar PTKIN role to be peace in the environment with his discipline.

The former Chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU) of Sigi Regency explained that the Department of Islamic Political Thought will produce scholars who can work as political consultants, both institutional political parties or institutional elections organizers, and political consultants for individuals.

He further explained that currently the Department of Islamic Political Thought has been doing new admissions since 2016 - 2017.