Palu, - State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, involves the school in Palu to maximize the socialization of National Academic Achievement Selection (SPAN).

SPAN is one of the students enrollments in state Islamic universities.

"Student admission via SPAN, is free. We help the children of yours, dear parents. "said Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and IAIN Palu institute development, Dr. Abidin Djafar, Thursday. Abidin Djafar hopes that parents and students of the school enroll their children to the state Islamic colleges (PTKIN), IAIN Palu.

He said IAIN Palu will give awards to students’ parents, as well as to the school that enrolls students to IAIN Palu through the SPAN, on the admission of new students in 2018.

"Do not hesitate to send students to state Islamic colleges, PTKIN also has general departments," said Abidin.

IAIN Palu, explained Abidin, has several general majors such as banking, Indonesian, English, early childhood education, which can be chosen as main choice when registering through SPAN.

"We really hope that the schools, madrasah and pesantren can help directing the graduates, to choose IAIN Palu as the first choice of SPAN registration," he said.

Abidin Djafar said data from the Ministry of Religious Affairs mention the students of state Islamic colleges mostly come from high school graduates.

In fact, he said, Ministry of Religious Affairs hopes and aspires to the state Islamic colleges of dominated by madrasah and pesantren graduates.

"We appeal to the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to allow us to socialize SPAN in public and private madrasah aliyah under the auspices of the Central Sulawesi Ministry of Religious Affairs," said Dr. Abidin.

SPAN is one of the new students recruitment models used with online systems. There are three new students enrollment models within the state Islamic colleges including IAIN Palu namely SPAN, Entrance Examination- State Islamic Colleges (UM-PTKIN) and Local or self-directed / manual registration.

IAIN Palu held a systematic socialization of new student enrollment of SPAN track, bringing dozens of IT managers from various schools in Palu, which took place at IAIN Palu Rectorate on Wednesday.