Palu, State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, continues preparation of the International Islamic Conference entitled Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XVIII in Palu, 17-20 September 2018.

"AICIS XVIII has been established on 17-20 September 20, 2018. If AICIS is opened by President Joko Widodo or Vice President Jusuf Kalla then the event will be opened in the morning of the 17th. But, if the Minister of Religious Affairs who opens it, then the event will take place at evening" said IAIN Palu Rector Prof Dr H Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd in the coordination meeting of AICIS XVIII committee at IAIN Palu Auditorium on Friday.

Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi stressed some things to the local committee to be noticed and seriously acknowledged for the success of AICIS XVIII in Palu City.

First, picking up the invited domestic and overseas guests who will arrive at Mutiara Sis Aljufri Palu Airport.

"The technical implementation of this guest pick-up is one of the assessments of the success of AICIS in Palu. Therefore, the transportation committee is expected to immediately prepare and coordinate with the core committee, "said Prof. Sagaf.

Second, the places to stay for the heads of State Islamic colleges in Indonesia. It is estimated that there are 285 college leaders from 57 universities will be present in Palu.

"Each university has 5 leaders, 57 PTKIN, so we have to be ready to book hotel room for our guests," he said. Third, concerning consumption, the opening to the execution of AICIS XVIII, should be well prepared.

It is estimated that invited guests will reach 3,000 including participants from home and abroad who will attend AICIS.

Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi also emphasized to the committee to prepare the building for the implementation of material presentations and scientific papers from experts.

He also requested that the committee serve and coordinate for implementation of the City Tour for university leaders and invited guests of AICIS XVIII, to visit some tourism places in Central Sulawesi.

The organizing committee of AICIS XVIII in 2018 held a coordination meeting on the preparation of the implementation, led by the Secretary of Committee AICIS XVIII Dr. Hilal Malarangan.