Palu, 1/8 (IAIN Palu Public Relations) - State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, involves banking and judicial institutions for the professional development of students of the Islamic Economics Sharia Faculty.

"Empirically students will get valuable experiences, which can add students' knowledge and skills. What they face will be new things they have never met before," said Dean of the Islamic Economics Faculty (PHASEI) IAIN Palu, Dr. Hilal Malarangan, on the sidelines of a briefing on FASEI professional work lectures, at the college auditorium, Wednesday 1/8 morning.

Professional development is carried out through the Professional Work Lecture (KKP), which is one of the academically important agendas for college level students.
There are 247 students from Islamic Banking majors, Family Law (Ahwal Al-Syakhsiyah), Islamic Economics, Sharia Economic Law, Constitutional Law, Comparative Mazhab, which undergo KKPI for a month.

He expressed that all banking institutions and judicial institutions have been communicated and willing to accept students under the KKP at the institution.
"KKP is one of the requirements to achieve completion of the undergraduate study. Through this program, students are expected to be able to interact directly with the world of work and the market, by implementing the theories that have been obtained in each study program," said Hilal Malarangan.

The IAIN Palu Islamic Law expert said students must adapt to the development of the market and work environment. It is not only an indicator in academic demands, but it must be a provision for 247 faculty students in an era of competition after earning the bachelor's degree.
In addition to the judiciary and banking institutions, students will also be placed in institutions under the auspices of the Ministry of Religion, Central Sulawesi Provincial Government agencies, Palu City Government, and non-governmental institutions.

Related to that matter, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation of IAIN Palu, Iskandar Nasaruddin outlines three important points that IAIN Palu wants the students to observe regarding the KKP process.

First, he said, students must carry out academic education. This is because the KKP is one of the academic instruments that must be passed by students by fulfilling all indicators of implementation.

"This is one of the indicators of determination to get the first bachelor's degree, therefore the CTF has 2 credits which must be fulfilled," said Iskandar.

Then, he explained, students must be able to apply personal abilities to the theories that have been acquired for six semesters. Furthermore, regarding the professionalism of students, therefore the KKP also contributes to the quality and skills of students, so that when they finish college, students can become successful people. Not become unemployed in the community.

The Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Economics of the IAIN Palu places 247 KKP students in 50 institutions in the City of Palu.