Palu – The government began to focus on three aspects of expansion and development of State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) in Indonesia, to improve the quality and competitiveness.

The three main development focuses in planning activities for the development of state Islamic religious colleges (PTKIN)," said Director of Higher Education and Culture of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas). Amich Alhumami, when delivering material on planning and budgeting integration at Focus Group Discussion of PTKIN Planning in Indonesia, in Palu, Sunday 25/3.

Amich Alhumami said the three focuses are first on the equitable access of university education which is intervened with the education cost assistance program for middle and low economic community (Bidikmisi).

"This bidikmisi is an effort to equal education. This prevents the gap, therefore the need for bidikmisi in every state Islamic religious college should be known from the beginning and planned, "said Amich Alhumami.

He describes the data based on Bappenas, middle and upper economic community who received higher education as much as 61 percent. While the middle to lower economy is only about 10 percent more, so this gap is widened.

   "The difference between the access of people who have higher education between upper middle and and lower middle economy is 51 percent, the difference is very high," explained Amich Alhumami.

PTKIN, he mentioned, must already know the bidikmisi then follow up with good planning based on the available bidikmisi quota. So that the bidikmisi programmed can accommodate the needs of middle-class students down.

     He said, the second focus is the development aspects of PTKIN advice and infrastructure. The government through Bappenas strives to carry out physical development on the primary aspect well, so that the infrastructure facilities that will be available in PTKIN are feasible and can meet the needs.

"Construction of lecture building, laboratory, library is a primary requirement. There are still many PTKIN, IAIN, for example, whose facilities have not been feasible. Primary infrastructure needed by IAIN which is much more needed should be prioritized, "he said.

     The government put forward several models of financing interventions for the development of university infrastructure facilities, one of which is intervention through the State Sharia Securities (SBSN).

"SBSN has delivered good results and it is used for infrastructure development, so PTKIN can increase the number of students," he said.

The third focus is the maximization of Operational Aid for State Universities (BOPTN). This requires formulation in the management and utilization of BOPTN so that PTKIN can be compensated by the government.

State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, one of the PTKIN in Indonesia that hosted the FGD Planning event involving almost all state Islamic universities under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. This activity involves Bappenas, PTKIN Planning Forum in Indonesia, Directorate General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religious Affairs Head of Planning Division of Directorate General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religious Affairs.

     FGD PTKIN Planning in Indonesia was opened directly by IAIN Rector Palu Prof Dr H sagaf S Pettalongi MPd, at Mercure Hotel Palu, Saturday (24/3) night.