Palu, 7/8 (IAIN Palu Public Relations) - The Central Sulawesi Interfaith Harmony Forum (FKUB) involves students from the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Professional Profession Lecture (IAIN) Palu in an effort to maintain harmony in the area.

"Students can contribute through writing papers, theses, opinions, and so on related to harmony treatment. This is inseparable from the assistance of the Central Sulawesi FKUB," Central Sulawesi FKUB Management Aminun P Omulu said, when he received five IAIN Palu KKP students in Palu on Tuesday.

He said FKUB would involve students in research for care and development of harmonization between religious believers in Central Sulawesi.

"This research includes placing FKUB as a research target, which includes the role of FKUB in coaching and care for harmony," Aminun said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Central Sulawesi FKUB, Jamaluddin Mariadjang, appreciated the IAIN Palu for choosing the organization as a venue for professional student work lectures.

Appreciation was also conveyed by Syamsurizal Anggo, Deputy Chairperson of the Central Sulawesi FKUB. Rizal Anggo said that the Central Sulawesi FKUB is currently not only fostering, but caring for harmony.

"The existing harmonization, including harmony and peace, is a maintenance effort that is continually developed by the Central Sulawesi FKUB," said Syamsurizal Anggo.

Five students who are placed are students from the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Economics (FASEI). They will undergo the KKP for a full month.

In addition to involving FKUB and religious institutions under the auspices of the Ministry of Religion, IAIN Palu, it also involves banking and judicial institutions for the professional development of students of the Faculty of Islamic Economics.


"Empirically students will get valuable experiences, which can add students' knowledge and skills. What they face will be new things they might not have met before," said Dean of the Islamic Economics Faculty (FASEI) IAIN Palu, Dr. Hilal Malarangan, M.H.I.

Professional development is carried out through the Professional Work Lecture (KKP), which is one of the academically important agendas for college level students.

There are 247 students from Islamic banking majors, family law (Ahwal Al-Syakhsiyah), Islamic economics, sharia economic law, constitutional law, comparison of schools, who undergo KKPI for a month.

He said that all banking and judicial institutions had been communicated and were willing to accept students undergoing KKP at the institution.