Palu, Public Relation of IAIN Palu) - Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat) Administrative Staff of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) hopes that the Working Area Training (DDWK) participants can formulate accountable standard operating procedure (SOP).

Head of Pusdiklat Kemenag Saeroji Administration in Palu, Monday, said DDWK participants must make changes in the responsibility of their field according to the times.

"We hope that the participants will be able to prepare an appropriate, accountable and procedural SOP," he said in his speech at the opening of DDWK, at the IAIN Palu Auditorium.

He asserted that SOPs are written guidelines used to encourage and mobilize a group to achieve organizational goals.

SOP, call it, is a standard procedure or stages and which must be passed to complete a certain work process.

The goal is, employees are able to maintain consistency and level of performance within the work unit in order to clear the role and function of each position.

"This SOP becomes the basis of law and guidance in case of irregularities and directs employees to be equally disciplined in working," he added.

According to him, participants who have provided various materials on DDWK are expected to provide change and implement SOP.

Pusdiklat Kemenag trains 30 responders / staff in IAIN Palu neighborhood through Training on SOP Work Area for capacity building, from 9 to 13 July 2018.