Palu, - Banggai District Government receives land certificate from the Palu State Islamic Institute of Central Sulawesi as administrative equipment and rights base used for the construction of students dormitory of Luwuk.

The handover of the land cerificate as a right base on which it stands Luwuk students dormitory in Kabonena Sub-district was handed over by Rector of IAIN Palu, Prof Dr H Sagaf S Pettalongi to Banggai District Government on Thursday in his office.

"The ‘tukar guling’ (exchange) between IAIN Palu and Banggai Regency Government has long been done since several years ago," said Rector IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd, in Palu on Thursday.

Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi describes IAIN Palu and Banggai Regency Government agreed to have land-‘ruislag’ (exchange), which is land owned by Banggai Regency Government which built students dormitory building of Luwuk, located at Jalan Diponegoro, Lere, Palu Barat Sub-district, given to IAIN Palu.

Then, IAIN Palu replaces the land, with a plot of land and buildings located in the Village District Kabonena Ulujadi, Palu.

Said Prof. Sagaf S Pettalongi of the ruislag, both sides utilize land and buildings. The land given by the Banggai district government is utilized for the construction of the lecture building.

Meanwhile, the land and buildings handed over by IAIN Palu to the Banggai District Government are used as students dormitories to ease the burden on students from the area.

However, IAIN Palu has not provided a certificate of land / land in Kabonena to the Banggai District Government, although land and buildings have been utilized.

"IAIN Palu has not given the certificate of land and building located in the Village of Kabonena. Currently, on the land was built Luwuk students dormitory by IAIN Palu. The handover is constrained by the administration of the land rights of Banggai regency which is located on Diponegoro Street, Lere Village, West Palu, which is handed over to IAIN Palu. Where, the land that was handed over at that time did not have corroborating evidence that the land on Jalan Ponegoro handed over to IAIN Palu belongs to Banggai Regency Government. Therefore, Banggai Regency Government completes the administration of the land that they submit. After Banggai Regency Government completes and has strong administrative evidence to be submitted to IAIN Palu, then IAIN Palu hand over the land certificate in Kabonena, "said Prof Saggaf Pettalongi.

The document of land rights base in Kabonena Sub-Village has been handed over directly by Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi MPd to Banggai Regency Government which is represented by Head of Financial Management and Asset Agency, Marsidin Ribangka, with BM document code 826743 Number:, NIB .01592.

IAIN Palu, said Prof. Sagaf, thanks to Banggai Regency Government that has been willing to give land to IAIN Palu for the development of this university in order to increase efforts to educate the nation's life.

"The land granted to IAIN has greatly improved the educational and learning infrastructure and has now become a lecture building. On the other hand, IAIN Palu helps Banggai Regency Government, because the Luwuk students dormitory conditions was not very suitable to use, then built a new building by IAIN Palu in the village of Kabonena, "he said.

He further said that Banggai student dormitory was inhabited by IAIN Palu students from Luwuk area.

"I see that the ruislag between the two parties is equally beneficial, that is not only IAIN who benefited, but Banggai Regency Government also benefited," he explained.