Palu, (Public Relations of AICIS) - Director General of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religion Kamaruddin Amin said that scholars from the State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) must have a deep religious and religious understanding.

"How PTKIN can produce scholars, who have a deep traditional religious understanding on the one hand," Kamaruddin Amin said on stage discussing one of the latest developments in "Islamic Studies: The Current Development of Islamic Studies", at the IAIN Palu Auditorium, Monday (17/9) night.

On the other hand, said Kamaruddin, PTKIN scholars have knowledge and skills about modern sciences, as a combination of religion and modernity.
If it is not done with such targets and achievements, then he said, Indonesia would not be a reference for world and Asian Islamic education.
Even PTKIN in Indonesia, according to him, will not be used as a place of education which is considered a center of excellence because it is weak in efforts to produce scholars who have deep religious understanding and modern skills and knowledge.

Even though Indonesia, he explained, has the most Islamic education institutions in the world. "No country has as many Islamic religious colleges as Indonesia," Kamaruddin said. Indonesia also has the most Islamic education professors in the world, has the most doctors in the world. However, does Islamic education in Indonesia have an advantage, so that those outside Indonesia consider having to study in Indonesia?
"People who talk about science and traditional Islam are still oriented towards Al-Azhar, to Medina, Morocco, and even to Iran," he explained.
He claimed that Islam experienced tremendous development, not only in the Islamic world, but also in the west.

However, every development of Islam has its own problems. Islam in Indonesia is expected to contribute to Islam in the west.
"What is the problem of Islam in Europe for example, what is the problem of Islam in Africa, what is the problem of Islam in Southeast Asia, including what is the problem of Islam in Indonesia. Higher education must contribute to solving the problem," said Kamaruddin. "Indonesia is indeed expected to play a fundamental role for that," he added.
Therefore, he said, PTKIN must have excellence and become a center of excellence, if not then PTKIN Indonesia will only be able to be proud of quantity, with the number of Muslims in Indonesia.