Jogyakarta, 19/4 (PR-IAIN) - General Director of Islamic Education (Dirjen Pendis) Ministry of Religious Affairs Kamaruddin Amin considered that the Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XVIII will become the right moment for President Jokowi to visit the state Islamic higher education institution (PTKIN).

"According to me, this is the right momentum for him to visit our campus," said General Director of Islamic Education Kamaruddin Amin at Grand Inna Malioboro, Jogyakarta, on Thursday night.

     Kamaruddin Amin admitted to agreeing with the plan of AICIS XVIII committee to present President Jokowi to open the national and international activities, in Palu on 17 to 21 September 2018.

Therefore, he said, it will follow-up the plans of the organizers and host AICIS XVIII, so that Jokowi can be present in Palu.

     President Jokowi is planned to present the opening speech as well as officially open AICIS XVIII 2018, on September 18, 2018.

He hopes that the plan to present President Jokowi in AICIS XVIII can be realized. According to him, his party and the committee will try to bring and prepare activities / agenda for Jokowi in addition to opening AICIS.

     "It could be coupled with other events, usually, if he came to the region, he would like to hand over the Smart Indonesian Card, so it will be prepared," Kamaruddin Amin said.

He suggested to the committee and steering committees that AICIS can present figures and experts from various countries that can represent Islamic studies.

     "At least I think there are four central Islamic studies in the world, namely the Middle East, Iran, Europe and America, and Pakistan and India," Kamaruddin said.

He also requested that the AICIS XVIII should be better than AICIS in previous years. Therefore, there needs to be creativity and innovation that show new things during the event.

     Kamaruddin Amin was one of the speakers at the coordination meeting of AICIS XVIII preparation held at Grand Inna Malioboro, Yogyakarta 19 - 21 April.

Related to that Rector of IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S Pettalongi M.Pd stated that the local committee, institutionally has prepared the concept of a letter related to the plan to present President Jokowi in Palu.

     "AICIS will be planned to be opened by President Jokowi, whose administration and preparation for presenting the president has been submitted to the Ministry of Religious Affairs," said Prof Sagaf.

He describes the current technical preparations for the implementation of AICIS XVIII has been prepared by IAIN Palu through a local committee that has been formed since several months ago.

     The technical preparation ranges from operational pick up, consumption, opening ceremony, building and room used for discussion which is divided into several models such as discussion panel format.

"These technical preparations have been prepared which also involve the steering committe from the center, as well as the technical team from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Related to AICIS, IAIN Palu has also built cooperation with Palu City Government and Central Sulawesi Provincial Government, "he said.

     AICIS is one of the national and international activities under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs whose implementation involves the various Islamic religious universities in Indonesia, and experts from foreign universities.

     The local committee, the central committee and the steering committee held a coordination meeting on the preparation of AICIS 2018 at Grand Inna Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta, 19-21 April, to finalize some of the AICIS implementation agenda.