Palu, (PR-Palu) – Governor of Central Sulawesi reminds Palu State Islamic Institute (IAIN) to mantain integrity and character of the institute.

Maintaining institute’s integrity and character, do not let the practices of commercialization that raises the image of qualified higher education, should be in expensive colleges, "said Governor of South Sulawesi Longki Djanggola in his speech at the inauguration of IAIN Palu building in Sigi, read by Expert Staff Law Siti Norma Mardjanu.

The statement is one of the three points of opinion of the Governor of Central Sulawesi Longki Djanggola, which must be guided by IAIN Palu in order to realize a qualified and competitive campus. According to Governor Longki Djanggola there are three points that must be the reference of IAIN, if we want to make the college is in line with the vision of the Rector, Prof Dr H Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd as a qualified and competitive campus.

First, realizing the IAIN governance that prioritizes cooperation and excellent service. Second, fostering a participatory campus theme for all the elements, because the campus is founded by the call of civilization, humanity and knowledge. Third, maintaining the integrity and character of the campus.

"Furthermore, how to stimulate public interest to continue their education to university. Especially to Islamic universities as an option that may be chosen. Because in my opinion, some Islamic universities in Indonesia and Central Sulawesi are able to compete with public universities, "said Governor Longki Djanggola in a speech read by Siti Norma Mardjanu.

Governor Longki Djanggola also considered the inauguration of the IAIN Palu lectures building in Sigi with the theme of "building a qualified and competitive IAIN Palu", is very strategic to improve IAIN Palu's work in laying down Islamic values as well as five work cultures composed of;

First, integrity is harmony of heart, mind, words and good and true deeds. Second, professionalism, discipline work, competent and timely with the best results. Third, innovating, perfecting the existing ones and create new things better. Fourth, responsibility by working thoroughly and consequently. Fifth, exemplary, be a good example for others.