Palu, 17/9 (AICIS Public Relations) - The 18th international conference, the "Annual International Confidence on Islamic Studies" (AICIS) in the City of Palu, Central Sulawesi, discussed one of them, conflict resolution as a peace solution prevents radicalism.

"Yes, it is one of the topics that will be studied and discussed in the AICIS, namely the role of Islamic religious colleges in radicalism," said Chancellor of Palu's State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Prof. Dr. H Sagaf S Pettalongi, after opening an education expo, at IAIN Palu Monday.

Through that opportunity, said Sagaf, because the emergence of radicalism movements and countermeasures will be discussed, universally and up to the ideas and movements appearing in the regions.Central Sulawesi, he said, there were once such ideas, especially in Poso District.

"We cannot say such an understanding has been completed, because there is a global network. Therefore, the committee raised this theme," Sagaf said.
Describing him, the role of Islamic religious higher education in conflict resolution is, to provide solutions to regions that have experienced religious social conflict, to reconstruct life so that people are confident and return to their original condition.

He argued, in this context, the committee involved several competent figures to deliver the material, namely Chairperson of the General Board Habib Ali Bin Muhammad Aljufri, pastor of the Council of Churches in Indonesia, academics of IAIN Palu, UIN Jogja and UIN Palembang on on stage discussions II.

AICIS was held in Palu City on September 17, 2018, carrying the theme, Islam in a globalizing word (your text, knowledge practice).
"This theme alone will discuss the parts of Islamic studies in each region, which are then reviewed with the development of Islam globally," he said.
These roles, he said, are how education studies contribute to regional development, aspects of human development, and peace in a pluralistic framework."These roles can at least provide a concept of thought in an effort to build peace or moderate Islam," he said.

The Ministry of Religion expects the 18th AICIS in Palu to publish Islamic religious views and understandings in Southeast Asia with various perspectives.The purpose of the publication of various perspectives is that the speaker does not only come from academics, but can come from a cultural observer, artist or even from an entrepreneur. Then, AICIS must also be able to encourage the birth of alternative paradigms or epistemologies in Islamic studies.