Palu, (IAIN Palu Public Relations) - A total of 950 new students from the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, independent local registration paths took the entrance test for State Islamic Religious Universities (PTKIN), in Palu, Monday 6/8 .

"Written exam material covers several fields, including national insight," said Head of the IAIN Palu Quality Assurance Agency, Askar Ahmad. Askar also added that the material included attitudes and knowledge about academics, knowledge of language, general knowledge and knowledge about Islam.

The committee has determined the assessment indicators of each material tested. So that the achievement of points will be the determination of the graduation of prospective students.

"This test will be one of the conditions for determining the graduation of prospective new students from an independent local lane," Askar Ahmad said.

The committee provides 44 classes in the building with three floors of State Sharia Securities (SBSN), each class is occupied by 20 prospective students involving 48 supervisors.

Previously, the Head of the IAIN Palu General and Academic Administration Bureau, Ramang said the committee was trying to carry out the exam for a day, and then announced the results of the exam.

He explained, when stated to pass the test, students must re-register to load the student's complete data.