Palu, - A total of 755 new students of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, the entrance exam for State Islamic Religious College (UM-PTKIN) took the basic competency test (TKD), at the university Tuesday 25 / 5.

The execution took place in six lecture buildings with three stories, with a safe and orderly atmosphere.

"The execution of the test is only one day, all the classes in the six buildings are used for the test," said Secretary of the Implementing and Supervising Committee of UM-PTKIN IAIN Palu, Dr Askar Ahmad.

Askar describes material tested to participants including Natural Science (IPA), Social Science (IPS) and Mixed Science (IPC).

"Technical implementation of basic competence test is divided into three segments, based on the material tested," explained Askar. He called the implementation of basic competence test is one of the stages to be followed by new student candidates. The result of basic competence test will be one of the determinants whether students who register through UM-PTKIN path can be accepted or not.

Rector of IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd directly monitor the progress of UM-PTKIN exam and supervisor. The monitoring is to know the process that goes on, as well as the availability of supporting facilities.

In addition to the UM-PTKIN line, IAIN Palu also accepts new students through the National Academic Achievement (SPAN) Selection and local / independent. IAIN assigned 977 applicants in the SPAN passed, out of a total number of registrants of approximately 1,200.

350 of 977 participants who re-registered. Then from 350 participants re-enrollment, 340 participants follow the process of academic fee determination (SPP). Approximately 10 participants did not attend the interview.

While the admissions process from the independent / local path while underway. Planned registration time will be closed in August 2018.

IAIN Palu is targeting 2,000 new students by 2018. By 2017, the number of new IAIN Palu students of 1,400 chooses various departments in three faculties in the college.