34 CPNS Lecturers of IAIN Palu receive SK

At least there are 34 Prospective Civil Servants (CPNS) lecturers and three administrative personnel receiving appointment Decrees (SK) after they have passed the admission selection.

"Yes, the handover of the decree was carried out, and was handed over directly by the Rector of IAIN Palu, Prof. Sagaf S Pettalongi., M.Pd," said Head of the IAIN Palu Sub-Division of Staff, Lukman Latif, Friday.

IAIN Palu added 34 lecturers and 3 administrative staff selected in the simultaneous acceptance of CPNS in 2018 organized by the government. They are appointed by Decree Number 138 / In.13 / KP.00.3 / 02/2019 concerning the Appointment of Prospective Civil Servants.

Lukman said, 37 CPNS lecturers and administrative staff had been approved by BKN on February 25, 2019. Followed up by IAIN through the rector's decision on February 27, 2019. Their commencement date (TMT) is from 1 March 2019.

At present, said Lukman, there are still two participants who have passed and are still awaiting a decision from the central government.

"There is still one person who has been declared passed, but BKN's approval has not yet been issued. And one cum laude has not been announced yet," he said.

He mentioned, based on his communication with the Ministry of Religion Bureau of Staff that there would be a third stage announcement.

Following are 37 CPNS IAIN Palu, Fadly A Karim Indonesian Language Lecturer, Mohammad Syafri English Lecturer, Darmawansyah and Jusmiati Guidance and Counseling Lecturer, Muhammad Najmuddin Lecturer of Communication.

Then, Sitti Rabiatul Wahdaniyah Herman Lecturer on Islamic Political Thought, Mohammad Sairin Lecturer History of Islamic Civilization, Hairuddin Cikka Lecturer History of Islamic Civilization, Muhammad Rafi`iy and Fikri Hamdani Hadith Lecturer, Rafiq Badjeber and Agung Wicaksono Mathematics Lecturer, M. Iksan Kahar Lecturer in Child Education Early Age, Andi Nurfaizah Indonesian Language Education Lecturer.

Furthermore, Dzakiah and Rasmi Lecturer in English Education, Ardiansyah Lecturer in Natural Sciences Education, Rizka Fadliah Nur and Ardillah Abu Lecturer in Social Sciences Education, Riska Elfira Lecturer in Learning Technology, Rizki Amalia and Noor Riefma Hidayah Accounting Lecturers.

Then, Nadia and Desy Kristiane Fiqh Muammalah Lecturer, Muhammad Taufik Fiqh Siyasah Lecturer, Besse Tenriabeng Mursyid Civil Law Lecturer, Muhammad Syarief Hidayatullah Falak Science Lecturer, Nuriatullah Lecturer in Islamic Financial Institutions.

Next, Abdul Jalil Management Lecturer, Muhammad Syafaat Arsyad Lecturer in Financial Management and Islamic Investment, Zainfullah Lecturer in Pancasila and Citizenship Education, Randy Atma R Massi Lecturer Designing Regulations, Dede Arseyani Pratamasyari Lecturer in Statistics.

Then, Nurfitriani Lecturer of Islamic Micro Economic Theory, Suardi First Expert Planner, Siti Hajar Computer Pranata and Mohammad Fadhil Computer Pranata.